We leave no stone unturned,
no opportunity unexplored.

The Griot is a repository of oral tradition and is often seen as a leader due to his or her position as an advisor to royal personages. We tell our stories through communication. The Griot team develops strategic communications solutions for individuals and businesses that are committed to making an unforgettable impact in their chosen areas of expertise.

Khadija D.A

Khadija is an ambitious, analytical and attentive individual with key strengths including exemplary communication and presentation skills, strong client-facing skills – demonstrated through a record of achievement in marketing roles and brilliant research skills.

Sheila Nana Amoafo

Sheila is a data analyst who is currently the Technology and Data Services Lead of Griot Communications. She is also the Data manager at Learning Skills International School and a consultant at DWM. She is very passionate about what she does and seeks to find solutions through quantitative and logical approaches.

Janice Gbedemah

Janice Gbedemah is the Operation Manager at Griot. Her role involves researching on key themes and advisory areas as well as delivering excellent client engagement. Janice has experience in both qualitative and quantitative research with a keen interest in data analytics. From her professional exposure, Janice has developed excellent analytical and communication skills that seamlessly transfer into her role at Griot.

Leading industries command industry leading services.

Financial Institutions

Creating a brand in the finance area presents a complex procedure, shaped by signals and functional operating of different departments within the bank.


Corporate Branding

We facilitate communication between a company as well as its customers. Each process is carefully thought out and selected in order to convey the company’s image of itself in addition to its preferred way of appearing to customers.


Public Organisations

The analytics technology available today allows for sophisticated and automated sentiment monitoring and predictive analysis.



Many schools and educational organizations need to connect with people of all ages and social backgrounds, social media can be the ideal platform to create a strong brand.